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20% Bonus Make $100 Deposit or More – FirewoodFX

20% Forex Bonus Make $100 Deposit or More. Bonus can be used as additional margin and equity If you deposit $500, you can hold a losing position up to $600

Link: 20% Bonus Make $100 Deposit or More

Available to: All new and existing

Bonus Ending Date: 31 December 2016

Bonus offer: 20% Bonus Make $100 Deposit or More

Promotion rules :

  1. Deposit bonus can only be credited to a Standard account.
  2. Maximum bonus is $100
  3. Each client is eligible for only 1 (one) bonus
  4. Client account must be verified to participate in this promotion program
  5. Bonus is credited only for first deposit. If the first deposit is less than $100, bonus will not be credited
  6. Bonus will be credited as MT4 Credit
  7. In case the balance become negative, portion or all of the bonus (MT4 Credit) will be deducted and added into balance. Client must send request to reset the negative balance before doing deposit.
  8. Profit can be withdrawn anytime.
  9. During withdrawal, bonus (MT4 Credit) will be cancelled if the closed trade volume less than [bonus amount / 5] FirewoodFX lot since the bonus was credited.


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