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30% Each Welcome Bonus of your Deposit – Cabana Capitals

Up to 30% Each Welcome Bonus of your deposit. 30% Each Welcome Bonus will be auto credit into your trading account whenever you deposit your fund. This 30% Each Bonus is only applicable to Micro Active Trader and Standard categories in Cabana Capitals Broker with terms and conditions applied.

LinkUp to 30% Each Bonus of your deposit

Terms and Conditions

Each Welcome bonus can only be credited to a verified account.

In order to receive the ‘Deposit Bonus’, a minimum single deposit of $100 USD is required Each Deposit below $100 USD will not be entitled.

Each Welcome Bonuses are applied to your first deposit as a new Cabana Capitals Customer during the promotion period.

Each Welcome Bonuses are not valid in conjunction with any other promotional offer.

Each Bonus would be withdrawn automatically once your equity reaches to Bonus amount.



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