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50% RoboForex Additional Rebates from in November 2014

50%  RoboForex additional Rebates from in November . RoboForex makes a Forex special offer for the participants of Rebates program. The trader of Trader level can receive 50% additional of Rebates if their trading volume in November 2014 is 500 lots or more.

Link: 50% RoboForex Additional Rebates from in November

Bonus Ended Date: 30 November 2014

Rebates offer: 50% RoboForex  Additional Rebates from RoboForex in November

Available to: All new and existing clients

Conditions of the special offer:

“Rebates++” offer is automatically applied to all trading accounts of the participants of “Rebates” program.

Increased Rebates can be received by the client, whose trading volume (in November) will be from 500 to 3,000 lots (“Trader” level of “Rebates” program).

Increased Rebates will be transferred to the clients trading account on December 1st, 2014. Detailed statistics on the trading volume on the clients trading account can be found in “Your Rebates” section of their Live Account.

Examples of calculations

Your trading volume in November is 1,000 lots. The amount of Rebates to be received will directly depend on the account type:

If your have a cent account, you’ll receive (0.1 cent USD * 1,000 lots * 1.5) = 150 USD.

If you have a standard account, you’ll receive (1 USD * 1,000 lots * 1.5) = 1 500 USD.

If you have an ECN account, you’ll receive 15% of the total commission for the month.




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