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50 USD Free Facebook Predict Forex Contest – Grand Capital

Like, Share and Comment Grand Capital’s Facebook page the bonus promotion. Post your prediction for the closing price of the Brent oil at 8pm (GMT+3) on November 10, 2017.

Link Facebook Prediction Contest

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Available to: All new clients

Ending Date: 31 December 2018

Bonus Offer: Facebook Prediction Contest winner is awarded with $50 on their trading account.

1. Like our official Facebook page.

2. Usually in the beginning of the week we ask the participants to predict the price a certain asset will reach in several days.

3. Contestants comment the contest post with their predictions. The prediction must be a specific number (e.g. 3,14159).  Only one comment a day from a single participant is accepted.

4. The contestant that gave the closest prediction wins. If two or more participants give same winning numbers, the person who posted the comment first will be proclaimed the winner.



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