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Alpari Exclusive Bonus offer 100% Hot Summer Deposit Bonus

We are happy to announce that Alpari has declared 100% Hot Summer Deposit Bonus. Alpari is committed to ensure that every trader works productively and the financial results exceed expectations. Therefore, our bonus system allows to increase the amount of 100% for every deposit. The bonus program works on a permanent basis and is available to all Alpari clients. While depositing to trading account with a convenient for you payment option, you can choose the percentage that you would like to add to your deposit amount in the “Get Bonus” box.¬† For detailed information on how to receive a Deposit Bonus, please check our website. Top up your account by the 15th of August and receive a 100% bonus on your deposit amount.

Web Link : 100% Hot Summer Deposit Bonus

Applicable For : All new and Existing Clients.

Bonus Offer : 100% Hot Summer Bonus

Withdrawal : Yes, (After the completing terms and Conditions).

Terms and Conditions :

Register  : This Offer is only available to Alpari clients who have registered through the link in the banner on the Company website by the 15th of August, 2018 (inclusive). Clients may register for and take part in the Offer only once. If the client did not register through the link provided in the banner, they are not considered as a participant in the Offer and will not receive a bonus.

Deposit : After registration, the participant in the Offer must make a deposit to a standard.mt4 account from an external payment system of at least 100 USD (or equivalent in EUR or GLD according to the Company’s internal exchange rate at the time of transfer) within a period of 7 days. Commission fees that have been reimbursed to the client by the Company as part of a different special offer are not included as part of the deposit amount when calculating the bonus. Once the client has registered for the Offer, only the first standard.mt4 account to be topped up thereafter will be able to take part in the Offer. Internal transfers between accounts are not considered as deposits (except for cases when the transfer is made from a recently topped up transitory account to a trading account). If the client registers for the Offer after having made a deposit to a trading account, this deposit will not be considered as part of the Offer.

Maximum Bonus : The maximum total bonus amount is 5,000 USD (or equivalent in EUR / GLD according to the Company’s internal exchange rate at the time of transfer).

Participation : The Offer’s Active Participation Period begins the moment the bonus is calculated for the client’s first deposit, lasting 30 days or less should the period of the offer expire earlier than 30 days. During the Offer’s Active Participation Period the bonus is also accrued on all internal (replenishment of the personal account and subsequent transfer of funds to the trading account) and external deposits to the trading account participating in the Offer, excluding all withdrawals of funds from the moment the client registers for the Offer.



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