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DenForex Group – Up to 30% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus

30% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus,DenForex broker offers for you to take part in the Action “Deposit bonus for our clients.”.This bonus will give you increase in a trade margin and opportunity to open transactions big volume that, in turn, will increase your profit on trade in the market Forex.

Link:  30% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus

Bonus offer :30% Forex Welcome Deposit Bonus

Available to: All new traders.

How to get: Open live account and request the bonus. Make the deposit.

Withdrawal:A participant can withdraw profits and deposits previously enrolled from the trading account. The participant accepts and agrees that if the withdrawal of funds is made ​​before the trading volume,


1. The client, which registered a trading account and deposit it for at least 100USD, has the right to receive the bonus. The bonus can be credited with the funds actually available on the account at the time of consideration of the application for a bonus.

2. To take part in action can all clients registered account.

3. For receive the bonus the client need:
– register the trading account like “Standard
– deposit and receive a bonus according to the table in point 4 of the present Regulations.

4. Table of receiving bonuses:

Deposit  Bonus Trading Equity
100 USD 30 USD 130 USD
300 USD 100 USD 400 USD
500 USD 150 USD 450 USD
1000 USD 300 USD 1300 USD

5. The client agrees that if following any withdrawal of funds from trading account
the total amount of bonuses received (by considering the amount of bonuses, taking into account cancelled bonus funds) on the account exceeds 30% of the amount of current free real
funds trader after withdrawal, repealed part of the bonus component of the difference of these values. In order to avoid bonus cancellation in a size bigger, than the sum of withdrawal is recommended to refrain from withdrawals if the sum of all received bonuses on the account exceeds admissible value of a welcome bonus for the current available funds after withdrawal.

6. The bonus can be withdraw after transactions like BUY or SELL in total volume 1 lot equal to working off for each 5 bonus dollars.

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