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Earn extra money for traveling with bonuses 25% – AMarkets

We give you bonuses so that you can earn even more.  At A Markets we love it, when our team members and partners take a vacation – they always come back inspired and rested. Rest is essential, especially for those, who work in a stressful environment of financial markets. That’s why and we want to make sure that this summer you get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy sandy beaches, beautiful national parks or mountains. While spring is softly fading into summer, make the most of this time – earn extra cash to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Today and until the end of May we offer additional 20% and 25% bonuses to your account for each deposit of $ 100 and $ 300, respectively. Send pictures from your vacation and tag us on Instagram @amarkets.

Web Link: Exclusive Trading Bonus of to 25%

Applicable For : All new and Existing Clients.

Bonus offer : Traveling Bonus up to 25%

Withdrawal : Yes, Very Easy.

Terms and Conditions :

Participate : Every account funding with any amount from 100 USD takes part in the offer.

Deposit : A bonus of 20% is added with an account fund deposit from 100 USD.  A bonus of 25% is added with an account fund deposit from 300 USD. The number of account fund deposits are unlimited. After funding, contact your personal manager to activate the bonus. Bonus funds are added to account balance as non-removable trading bonus, and they participate in trading.

Availabe To : The offer is only available to Classic and Direct trading accounts in MetaTrader 4. This bonus does not combine with any other bonuses and special offers from AMarkets.

Maximum Bonus : The maximum bonus size per client is 5000 USD.

Withdrawal : The bonus is annulled, if during the accounting period, the client makes a full or partial withdrawal of funds from the account. Profits can be withdrawn without restrictions. In order to prevent fraudulent operations with bonus funds or observation of such, the company reserves the right to withdraw all bonuses from the client’s account without prior notice or explanation.



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