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Forex Analysis USD is trying to escape from Yen’s takeove

Couple days USD is trying to get out the price range, all the attempts were prevented even before they started. Let's see if dollar get over local level.

The price is above the moving average 20 MA and 200 MA, which indicates an upward trend.
MACD still in the zero line.
The oscillator Force Index crossed the zero line upwards.

In case of breakthrough of the resistance level the following recommendations are:

  • Timeframe: H4
  • Recommendation: Long Position
  • Entry Level: Long Position   119,44
  • Take Profit Level: 121,56 (212 pips)
  • Stop Loss Level: 118,87 (57 pips)

When the rebound from the resistance level 119,44 the following recommendations:

  • Timeframe: H4
  • Recommendation: Short Position
  • Entry Level: Short Position  119,00
  • Take Profit Level: 117,25 (175 pips)
  • Stop Loss Level: 119,5 (50 pips)

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