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Forex Demo Trading Competition 2015 – CommexFX

Forex Demo Trading Competition 2015 Cash Prize Up To 4100 USD.

Source:  Forex Demo Trading Competition

Available to: All New and existing clients

Contest Date: 1 May to 29 May 2015

Contest offer: Forex Demo Trading Competition Cash Prize Up To 4100 USD

The CommexFX Principal Contest Rules:

1.        Winning Criteria: Ratio of Gain to Drawdown.  The formula is weighted in favour of Drawdown over Gain by 10:1. (Formula explained here )
Additional Winning Criteria:
At contest end, only accounts that have a Return of at least 5% will be considered for a top (10) prize. Any accounts in the top (10) positions at contest end that do not qualify this rule will be demoted to a position outside of the top (10) winning rankings.

2.        Participants who meet or exceed 80% equity drawdown will be disqualified. Drawdown is calculated based on peak to valley equity, thus new account highs will impact drawdown tolerance. (Understanding Drawdown)

3.        Leverage on all accounts will be set to 1:200 for the duration of the contest with margin stop outs set to our MT4 – 90% and 95% (we start closing the most unprofitable trades at 10% remaining available margin and all of them are closed at 5% remaining available margin).

4.        A minimum of 10 trades to be opened during the contest.

5.        Your opening, simulated trading balance for this contest will be set to $10,000 USD.

6.        One entry per household and IP address. You may trade from various IP addresses; however, if multiple accounts are traded from the same IP address, those accounts will be disqualified. We track and enforce this very strictly utilizing multiple tracking methods. We regret that only one person per residence can participate, ensuring that people do not use many different contest accounts.

7.        Contest Ineligibility, USA: US-based residents may participate in this contest, but please note that, if you are resident in the USA, you are precluded by regulation from holding a live account with CommexFX, and, accordingly, cannot claim any prize you may 'win' by virtue of your active participation in this contest.  In the event that a resident from the ineligible country wins, the prize will be transferred to the next (eligible) contestant with the highest winning criteri



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