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Free $10 win FortGold a Daily Trading Contest – FortFS

FortGold is a forex trading daily contest that offers 10 USD Free for the winner. Prize amount and its profit are available for withdrawal as soon as you complete one lot of required trading turnover.

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Contest is held on weekdays on a daily basis.

Forecast might be applied on forum in “FortGold” topic starting from 03:00 and up to 18:00 (GMT+3). Each participant is allowed to leave a forecast only once in a day.

To win the prize you shall provide as accurate as possible quotes forecast for XAU/USD contract at the moment of the trading session end.

The difference between the forecasts must be no less than five pips. For example, if there is a forecast on 1.1055 it means that the next one must be set at 1.1060 or 1.1050.

Closing price is determined according to FORT (four digit) account type of “Fort Financial Services” trading platform



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