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Free Forex Webinar Sessions on Every Week – FsmNews

Master the art of trading with Forex FREE Webinar. During each Topic in the FREE Webinar session that Raad Aswani will present he will overview a specific area of interest within the Energy Market that will educate any type of audience on the direction of the Industry.

Link: Forex FREE Webinar

Available to: All traders

Ending Date: 31 December 2016

How to join a webinar:

Sign in to your fxdailyinfo.com account

Click the Enroll Now button

Wait for a confirmation email

Access details will be emailed to you one day before the start time

15 minutes before the session starts, click the “Start Webinar” button


Energy & Financial Market Analyst Raad Aswani will cover the basics of forex in this free webinar session: what is forex, its history, why you should trade forex, and who trades on forex. Whether you are a new trader in need of advice or a retail trader who is not yet yielding successful results, this free webinar may be the one you need. The audience is guaranteed to learn a lot in the session as each key topic is aimed to gain knowledge that will let traders-both new and professional, to make profitable decisions and outcomes.

About the Speaker

Raad Aswani is a Founding Partner Oil & Gas Trader, Power Consultant and Energy and Financial Market Analyst with over 10 years of service in the Financial & Oil and Gas Industries. He is a seasoned professional offering expertise in market analysis reports and market strategy analysis.

He has written several research papers for private business clients across various countries and managed numerous business development operations from start-up level. He holds a Bachelors degree in Oil & Gas Management from the University of Plymouth, where he was the Student Body President for Oil & Gas. Today, Raad is helping novice and professional traders via webinars about forex and trading.



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