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FXTM Launches State-of-the-Art Online Investment Program

The newly launched FXTM Investment Program offers a modern approach to forex trading, taking copy trading to the next level. The Program is Simple, Flexible and Safe and has been designed to bring together and fulfil the needs of both Forex Investors and Managers by giving them the tools they need to maximise their earning potential.

With a low minimum deposit of just $50 USD, FXTM’s online Investment Program presents the ideal opportunity for newbie to advanced traders to enter the world of online investment by following experienced Managers. When compared with the more traditional PAMM program and existing copy trading and social trading platforms, the FXTM Investment Program stands out for its ease of access, user-friendly interface and unique technology never seen before.

It’s Simple

The FXTM online Investment Program is suitable for everyone, even beginners, so if you lack the time or the skills needed to trade forex, simply select a skilled Investment Manager from the real-time rankings and let your Manager do the investing for you!

It’s Flexible              

You will find plenty of experienced Investment Managers to suit your online investment objectives and appetite for risk. Check success rates, choose the manager you wish to follow and specify how much or how little you want to invest. It’s that simple! Plus, you can change manager at any time.

It’s Safe       

Monitor your Investment Manager’s trading activity in real-time with our advanced reporting feature and keep track of your performance! Nobody except you has access to your details, money and investments. Plus, benefit from instant fund withdrawals.

Want to become a Manager?

If you are already an experienced trader with a history of profitable trading, click here to learn how YOU can maximise the earning potential of your strategies! Investment Program Managers are promoted to hundreds of visitors daily on our website and the more successful you are, the more exposure you will get as you rise to the top of FXTM’s online Investment Program



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