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Get $10 per every lot of loss-making trade – FreshForex

Return up to 10$ per every lot of loss-making trade. When trading with any instruments, you spend the part of your deposit to pay for spread. FreshForex provides you with unparalleled opportunity to return this money – for that you only need to apply for Rebate of the future!

Link: Get $10 per every lot of loss-making trade

Available to: All account

Ending Date: 02 August 2015

Bonus offer: Return up to 10$ per every lot of loss-making trade and Return $5 from each lot and increase your profit!

  1. Duration of the promotion: May 4 – August 2, 2015.
  2. The promotion is valid only for Classic accounts (with the exception of Master accounts) that are not connected to the "35% on deposit", "36% per annum", "Double deposit" and "Double deposit"  promotions (except for Master accounts); the number of participating accounts is not limited.
  3. To connect to the promo, verify your personal data in the Personal area.
  4. To get reward for closed trades, link your account to the promotion plan in the Personal area on your own.
  5. You can choose only one of two bonus schemes:

    1. The first scheme: 5 USD for each trading lot for closed profit trades.
    2. The second scheme: 10 USD for each trading lot for closed loss-making trades.
  6. Financial result of closed trade accounts for the sum amount of trading result as well as accrued swaps and commissions.
  7. Trades with zero results are not accounted in the promotion (rebate is not paid for them).
  8. Trades with all financial instruments: Forex, CFDs on metals, stock, energies and indexes are also accounted by the promotion plan.
  9. Bonus calculated proportionally to the volume of closed trades is credited to trading account at the end of each week and is available for trading or withdrawal without any restrictions.
  10. Any withdrawal from account including internal transfer shall cancel the rebate accrued based on results of a trading week.
  11. Provided that participating account has no open trades and not more often than once a week, a client can change bonus scheme in the personal area. New scheme comes into effect in the beginning of the next trading week.
  12. Company reserves the right to change terms and duration of this promotion unilaterally.
  13. In case of violation, Company reserves the right not to credit bonus and disconnect client from the action unilaterally.
  14. The clients which applied for “Spreads return” promotion before May 3, 2015, will be automatically switched to “Rebate of the future” promotion.


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