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Here Are The 3 Strongest Quant Signals This Week – SEB

According to SEB’s FX-o-meters model, Long EUR/CAD, Long EUR/PLN, and Long USD/CAD are the 3 strongest quant signals this week.

“Among the three strongest trends this week two involves strengthening EUR and two weakening CAD.

Higher EUR/CAD is the strongest trend and the only one of the top three where the stretch is not already indicating a high risk for a correction. However, the vol-o-meter is quite high indicating higher than usual volatility.

Higher EUR/PLN is among the top three for a second straight week (+1.2% last week) but have now become quite stretched on the upside (stretch-o-meter at 2.3 stdev).

The third strongest trend is higher USD/CAD though this trends is also quite stretched already (stretch-o-meter at 2.0 st dev). Also the CAD trends are heavily dependent on a continued fall or at least not a recovery in the oil price. If entering one of these trends one should thus keep a keen eye on the oil price,” SEB clarifies.

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