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Join the cryptocurrency Revolution With FXGiants

Cryptocurrencies are intangible commodities decentralized in nature which means that their production is not subject to governmental or banking order. Similar to conventional commodities like gold or oil, Cryptocurrencies are digitally ‘mined’ and their production is gradually decreased to control the amount in circulation. Since 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced, Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular among investors and traders. Cryptocurrency is an absolutely new trend in the financial world, rapidly gaining popularity among investors. “Virtual money” became the main opening of 2017 due to impressive return on investment – more than 4 times increase of all digital assets. Therefore, trade in cryptocurrency is gaining popularity among traders, of which more than 25% do not work with any other assets.

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Minimum Lot : 0,01

Leverage : 1:3

Main Cryptocurrencies : 8

Trading Is Available : 24/5

In order to gain profit trading cryptocurrencies at FXGiants you do not need a digital wallet or specialized technology to keep it safe. All you need is a trading account in our company. With FXGiants you can get access to 8 major cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization – Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dashcoin, Zcash, Monero.



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