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Larson and Holz IT Ltd is a popular Binary and Forex Broker

Larson and Holz IT Ltd is a popular broker that enables individual traders to make deals working with currency, stocks, precious metals and other CFDs. The company has been working since 2004 and now operates with thousands of clients all over the world every day.

The Larson&Holz Company provides trading services of high quality and offers the most profitable conditions. Our clients can trade using classical accounts with only $25, broken lots from only 0,01 points and leverages up to 1:500. Newcomer traders have an opportunity to trade with no expenses at all by taking our “Non Deposit Forex” service. The company loads the starter amount of $100 on the Non Deposit account which clients can use for trading and gaining profit.

Larson and Holz broker also gives facility of the highest speed of order accomplishment. Via our NDD (STP) service the orders are instantly executed, requotes are excluded. Our clients can trade via NDD service without broker’s participation, all the deals are output into the open interbank market. These profitable features have been duly appreciated – in 2014 our company was awarded with “The world’s best STP-broker” title for the high quality of NDD service.

Our clients can trade with great number of financial tools – currency pairs, stocks in the biggest companies, commodity futures, precious metals and binary options. The company also provides a wide range of binary options on currency, metals and commodities. You can trade binary options of the Larson&Holz company in MetaTrader4 terminal. Binary options are available for accounts from $99, every deal can provide 85-99% benefits.

All the traders working with shares with the help of Larson&Holz IT Ltd can obtain dividends. Our company gives the same dividends that have the companies’ shareholders. Our clients can have dividends on stocks of such companies as Apple, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil, Bank of America, Coca-Cola and others.

The company Larson&Holz provides bonuses and privileges. For instance, traders can do non swap trading, gain interest charges on their deposit accounts, take part in bonus programs. Moreover, if you add money to your account with a Visa or a MasterCard, our company makes compensation for all the expenses. What is more, after adding up money to their accounts, traders can have bonus from 10% up to 30% of the amount payed.

All the services and products that are offered by Larson&Holz are developed by a professional team. In our company there are most highly qualified specialists who provide professional support for all our clients. You can have consultation in our support service. VIP-account holders we also offer support of personal analysts. This service includes preparation of analytical reviews and development of investing strategies. Personal analysts will help you to trade with more success and gain more profit.

In this company every client can become our partner with the program Introducing Broker. We pay our partners for attracting clients up to $10 for a lot. This partnership program helps our clients to gain extra income, while our company extends its client base.

Find out more information about our offers, services, achievements and news of Larson&Holz IT Ltd broker on the company’s official site lh-broker.com.



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