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MFX Broker – 200% deposit bonus for all new deposits of each client

Up to 200%  deposit bonus for all new deposits of each client, Make a deposit for your trading account and get up to 200% for deposit. To get the bonus: register in the Personal Cabinet, make a deposit from $100 and send a request for the bonus.

Link : Up to 200% for deposit bonus all new client

Dates :31 December 2014

Bonus offer : Up to 200% for deposit bonus all new client

Available: all new deposits of each client

Withdrawal: Bonus is set to zero in case withdrawal requests till the moment of achieving necessary trading volume.

How to get: Make a deposit from $100 and send a request for the bonus.

Terms and conditions:

• Sending application is available just once.

• All clients accounts irrespectively to the registration date take part in the promotion.

• Express condition for getting “Knockdown bonus” is full certification, which implies:

– Certification of user

– Certification of payment details

– Procedure of telephone number confirmation by means of SMS-code

• “Knockdown bonus” is multilevel and is allocated as follows:

Bonus level       Bonus amount   Deposit amount            Amount for which bonus is allocated     Maximum bonus amount

1-st      200%   ≤ $500whole deposit   $1000

2-nd     100%   ≤ $900deposit – $500  $400

3-rd     50%     ≤ $1500           deposit – $900  $300

4-th      20%     ≤ $3000           deposit – $1500            $300

• Bonuses received at each level are summarized.

Example. Client deposited $1400.

His bonus on the 1st level will compose $500*200% = $1000

His bonus on the 2nd level will compose $400*100% = $400

His bonus on the 3rd level will compose ($1400-$900)*50% = $250

Total bonus will compose: $1000 + $400 + $250 = $1650

• Bonus program becomes available for withdrawal after realization of trades cumulative volume of which must compose 1/5 of the received bonus amount.

• The trade is considered to be completed after its closing.

• Depositing of trading account can be realized via any payment processor enlisted on MFX Broker site.

• Minimum depositing amount, for which bonus is allocated, composes 100 USD.

• Maximum bonus amount composes 2000 USD or amount equivalent to this in other currency.

• Bonus amount is allocated as a credit (these funds can be used for trading on a par with the client’s funds).

• Knockdown bonus will be allocated for the clients account as qualified amount after all requirements mentioned in point 4 will be fulfilled. Knockdown bonus will not be considered as debt of the client to MFX Broker, and can be withheld and taken away from the clients account any time at discretion of MFX Broker or post factum.

• Consideration of cumulative traded volume is realized only with currency pairs.

• Every Friday at 18:00 (server time zone) leverage will change to 1/100. Every Monday rechange of the leverage will be realized at 08:00 (server time zone).

• The Company reserves the right to finish bonus promotion any time without pre-notification.

• In case of any withdrawal all bonuses which were not traded are cancelled.

• If after getting the last bonus, there is a profit on the account, the Company reserves the right to withdraw the funds by one of the following ways:

– To the bank account in USD and EUR

– To Web Money wallet (with personal certification and available name). Initial deposit is withdrawn to the system via which it was allocated.

• Client who received Knockdown bonus can send n application for partnership only after trading of the necessary volume which was mentioned in point 7, or in case of rejection the bonus.

• Clients who are Partners or sent an application for Partnership cannot get “Knockdown bonus”.

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