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New orders in July 2014 up a seasonally adjusted +4.6% on the previous month

Price-adjusted new orders in manufacturing in July 2014 increased a seasonally and working day adjusted 4.6% on June 2014 (following –2.7% in June 2014 on May 2014). Domestic orders increased 1.7% and foreign orders by 6.9%. As regards the direction of trade in foreign transactions, new orders from the euro area were up 1.7% on the previous month, while new orders from other countries increased by 9.8%.

The manufacturers of intermediate- and capital goods recorded increases in orders of 0.3% and 8.5%. For consumer goods, a decrease in orders of 2.9% was recorded.

The rates of change are based on the volume index of new orders for manufacturing (2010 = 100). Seasonal and working day adjustment is done using the Census X-12-ARIMA method.

Detailed data and long time series on the index of new orders in manufacturing are available from the GENESIS-Online database in the tables on the volume index (42151-0004). There you can also find the index of new orders without major orders, which is published since reporting month April 2014.

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