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NordFX launched new Service RAMM: Low Risk and High Reward

In early June 2018, NordFX launched a new trading and investing service, which allows traders to enjoy another benefit of additionally acting as investors and/or managers of their RAMM account.

RAMM (Risk Allocation Management Model) is a brand new and unrivalled investment model based on modern risk management principles. It incorporates the best features of PAMM accounts and signal auto-copying services, whilst also possessing a number of distinct advantages and aspects.

This service allows traders to simultaneously do the following from just one RAMM account:

– invest in several trading strategies, automatically copying the trading signals of one or several RAMM-managers,

– create a personalized trading strategy, in which traders will act as RAMM-managers.

Thus, NordFX clients can, besides trading as usual on the MetaTrader 4 platform, secure two more sources of income, performing the following roles at the same time:

– being an investor,

– being a RAMM-manager.

Another important difference between RAMM and its counterparts is the security of the investor’s funds: in RAMM, investors determine the level of capital protection themselves. Should the drawdown reach a specified level, trading on the account automatically ceases. Therefore, any concerns that all money may be lost due to the manager’s mistake are eliminated. Risk control is completely automated.

Any NordFX client can open a RAMM account. A minimum $50 deposit is needed to become a manager, and a minimum $10 deposit is needed to become an investor.

Trading with leverage of up to 1:1000 is possible for all trading instruments; these include 33 currency pairs, 6 cryptocurrency pairs, gold and silver.

You can get more detailed information about the RAMM service in the corresponding page of our website at https://ramm.nordfx.com and at the Trader’s Cabinet NordFX.



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