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OctaFX offer 100% Deposit Bonus (Every Deposit) now

OctaFX Promotion offer 100% Deposit Bonus each deposit. Enjoy 100% Deposit Bonus with a regulated broker. Register and forex start trading now and claim your 100% Deposit Bonus for every deposit. Just for new customer we welcome you with some fantastic 100% Deposit Bonus Offers. Get advantage of our 100% bonus and double your deposit! Only Limited time, deposit at least 1000 USD into your new or existing OctaFX account, and we’ll match it. Don’t waste time and take advantage of our unique offer before it’s over.

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Applicable for : All new and existing clients.


  1. Open An Account : choose an account type that suits your trading style
  2. Deposit Your Account : Minimum $50 deposit amount, various payment options
  3. Increase Your deposit by half with our bonus
  4. Trade more and get more profit with our bonus

You can open trades with bigger volume and get more profit

  1. Withdraw Bonus Funds : Just keep trading and get your bonus funds available for withdrawal


Deposit bonus can only be credited to a verified account.

The bonus a You can claim 10%, 30% or 50% bonus on EACH deposit you make. However it is not possible to claim 11%, 25%, 47% etc.

The bonus cannot be added to internal transfer deposits and to deposits from contests/promotions, etc., unless stated otherwise.

The bonus for each deposit is considered a separate bonus.

It is required to trade (bonus amount)/2 (bonus amount divided by two) standard lots to be able to withdraw a bonus.

Volume calculation starts from the first bonus and continues consecutively. This means that you can’t withdraw later bonuses before you trade the required volume for the first bonus, and so on. The volume calculation starts from the moment the bonus is requested. The volume for each deposit is calculated separately.

E.g. You made a $100 deposit on Monday and started trading. On Wednesday you claimed $50 bonus. Volume calculation for your bonus starts from Wednesday, any volume traded before Wednesday will not be included. It is advised to claim a bonus right after your deposit is credited to your trading account.

The bonus can be withdrawn ONLY if by the moment of lots calculation the bonus is still present in the account. If a Client had traded the required volume, but the bonus has already been canceled, it would not be added or compensated.

In case the equity of your account becomes less than the bonus size, the bonus will be cancelled.

If the account balance (without opened trades) becomes less than or equal to the bonus(es) amount, the bonus(es) will be canceled starting from the latest one until the account balance becomes higher than bonus(es) amount.

If the trader’s own funds are withdrawn after the bonus has been claimed, the bonus will be canceled.

E.g. If you deposit $100 to your account, receive $50 bonus and then withdraw $100, bonus will be cancelled. However, if you make profit you can withdraw the profit made anytime and it will not affect your bonus.

A client can cancel deposit bonus at any time. Once deposit bonus is cancelled, it can’t be reinstated.

OctaFX may reject client’s bonus application(s) at any time without prior notification or providing reasons for such decision.

So-called “reverse trading” on bonus accounts is strictly prohibited.

“Reverse trading” denotes opening the same position in reverse directions on 2 or more bonus accounts. E.g. open 0.1 lot BUY on EURUSD in one account and 0.1 lot SELL on EURUSD in another at the same time. The Client acknowledges that such accounts will be blocked, and bonuses and profits from the reverse trading will be cancelled.



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