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Orbex for an webinar on the 12th Sept with the Forex Expert Kiana Danial.

Although there is no way to accurately pinpoint exactly where FOREX is going to be in the future, there are market forces that can guide you to make a well informed choice. And they aren’t as complicated as you think.

Also, What is more important to successful traders, identifying the trade or managing the position? Learn some of the techniques that professional traders use to maximize profitability. Which analytical and emotional traits are most useful? what mistakes should you avoid at all costs?

What the webinar will cover:

What is technical analysis

How to trade different time frames

How to use the most powerful indicators and chart patterns

How to know what currency pair to trade?

What is Fundamental analysis


Date: September 12 (Friday)

Time: 11 AM EST – 12 PM EST (15-16 PM GMT)

Presenter: Kiana Danial

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