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STOCK.com Binary Options Sticking To Regulation In Cut-Throat Industry

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On Monday a new platform dealing in binary options was launched from LeadCapital Markets, the owners of STOCK.com. Building a reputation to be the best provider of value and superior client support in an industry that is all about the profit is the aim of the new STOCK.com Binary Options site.

Launching at a time when volatility on the forex market is bringing a whole cache of newbies to binary option trading, STOCK.com is offering what many on the market are not prepared to give: Safety in Regulation, Knowledge in Training and Information in Updates.

The news over the past weeks has been about central bank interest rates, inflation, bond-buying schemes, quantitative easing and currency strength, all the elements that plunge the markets into a frenzy of trading. Most popular have been EURUSD, EURGBP and GBPUSD with volume trades recording in excess of 61,000 per day on the STOCK.com best of breed MetaTrader4 platform. Sydney Ifergan, CMO STOCK.com, comments, “Clients can take advantage of forex market volatility with quicker trades and shorter time spans with binary options. With our new site we are offering the ability to ride waves of trades with different products suited to every level of proficiency.” He adds, “It is imperative that traders know what they doing, so we have a comprehensive education centre, and it’s equally essential that traders, especially those new to binary options, feel safe in the trading environment.”

The new STOCK.com Binary Options team is in place to support clients but more importantly, the company is fully regulated and compliant. Based in Limassol, Cyprus, the home of the strict regulators CySec, all brands of STOCK.com have to fulfill a plethora of tests to keep regulated, for the safety of the trader. Ifergan says, “Being completely compliant means that STOCK.com clients are protected by insurance, by regulations and by a company that wants them above all to succeed.”

Company information: STOCK.com and STOCK.com Binary Options brands are CySec regulated and are products of LeadCapital Markets. Established in 2013, STOCK.com opened trading accounts in 2014 and now gives support to thousands through news, analysis, personal training in trading and full compliance regulation.

For more information on this article contact Sydney Ifergan, CMO STOCK.com, [email protected], Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stockcom, website: https://www.stock.com



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