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TurboForex – 100% Forex Deposit Bonus for Every Deposit you Make

100% Forex Deposit Bonus for Every Deposit you Make. For a limited time TurboForex offers unique up to 100% Forex deposit bonus for every deposit you make! 100% Forex Deposit Bonus is fully automatical, every deposit automatically credit your account for corresponding amount of the bonus.

Link: 100% Forex Deposit Bonus

Date: 31 December 2014

Bonus offer: 100% Forex Deposit Bonus

Available: All new client

Withdrawal: The bonus can be withdrawn if the minimal trading volume requirements are met.


1. You open mt4standard account and deposit $2000. Automatically $1000 bonus added to your account, and now you have $3000 at your disposal for your trading activities.

2. You open mt4mini account and make three deposits, $100 each. For every deposit $25 bonus will be automatically issued, giving your total $375 available for trading. Bonus is given for every deposit!

Bonuses and promos terms and conditions

1. The bonus is appliedautomatically if was selected during deposit process, upon successfull receipt of the payment,equal amount of bonus is added to the account. There is no limit for number of bonuses to be applied, you can select the bonus for your every deposit.

2. The bonus amount is calculated as follows: 25% for deposits from $100 to $999, 50% for deposits from $1000 to $4999, 75% for deposits from $5000 to $9999, and 100% for deposits from $10000 and above.

3. The bonus can be used for real trading, to increase actual leverage and exploit trading opportunities at full scale.There are no limits in bonus usage during your trading.

4. The bonus cannot be lost, if amount of equity on the account equals or is below bonus, the bonus is withdrawn. TurboForex bears no responsibility for possible losses because of terminated positions.

5. The bonus may be converted to balance and withdrawn, if minimal trading amount conditions are met: for every 10 lots of closed forex trades $10 of the bonus may be converted to the balance and withdrawn. Hedged trades, as well as trades with open and close price difference less than 3 pips are excluded from the calculations. To perform the conversion

please contact customer support.



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