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Up to 200% Withdrawable Cashback Bonus – Forex Time

Always aims for profitable promotions for FXTM Customer, this time they have come up with a 200% Cashback Rebate Bonus promo which enables traders to earn up to 10,000 USD withdraw able Cashback bonus.

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Ending Date: 31 December 2018

Heres an example on how FXTM Cashback Rebate Bonus Promo works:

You deposit 1000$ and will receive 2000$ as a Prepaid rebate bonus, so you’ll have total 3000$ equity. The bonus is as credit and can be used for trading purposes, it does not support your margin, in other words it only increases your buying power. Next, you’ll start trading and for each lot, you’ll receive 2$. Your earnings will be deducted from Prepaid rebate bonus and added to your account balance (which is the same as your own money and available for withdrawal). After 30 days the bonus will expire and get removed.



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