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Win $50 Predict the price of Facebook shares – Grand Capital

Welcome to Grand Capital Promotion offer Predict the price of Facebook Shares. Make your predictions regarding price of Facebook shares as it will be on the 1th of June. We remind you that the price you need to predict is the closing price of shares. You can publish one comment a day, the comment must contain a number (e.g. 185,47). You can’t correct the comment once it’s been published. Your account must be among those, who have shared the post on their timeline to be considered. The contestant who gives the closest prediction will be proclaimed the winner. If two or more people give the same winning prognosis, the person who published the comment first will be considered the winner. The comments won’t be accepted after 8 PM (20:00) GMT+3, 31th of May. The winner will be announced on Monday, 4th of June. Don’t forget to share the contest post publicly and Like our Page! Read the full rules here.

Source : Predict the price of Facebook shares from Grand Capital

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Available to: All clients.

To participate: Like Grand Capital’s Facebook page and share the promotion. Post your prediction for the closing price of Facebook at 8pm (GMT+3) on June 1, 2018. The deadline to send a prediction is 8pm (GMT+3) on May 31, 2018.

Prizes: $50 USD.

How to get: The winner will be the one with the exact price or with the closest price. If two or more participants have the same winning result, the one who posted his/her forecast first will be proclaimed as winner.

Rules of Grand Capital social media contests:

Each round starts right after the contest post is published in the Grand Capital Ltd. Facebook page.

The contestants must Like the page and share a contest post publicly.

The winner must send a request in order to receive the prize bonus funds. The request must contain: Full name, account number, the prize amount and the link to the round post on the contestant’s page. Also, a short review must be written under this post.The request must be sent to [email protected] The request must be sent in two weeks time after the results are announced, otherwise, the prize is annulled.

The winners receive the prize funds to a Standard or Micro account opened in Grand Capital. Prize funds starting from $50 will be deposited to a Standard account. Amounts less than $50 will be deposited to a Micro account.

The prize funds are dposited to the winner’s account during two weeks from the moment the request was sent.

Prize funds cannot be withdrawn from the trading account.

Profit gained using the prize funds becomes fully withdrawable when the profit amount exceeds the prize amount.

The withdrawal request cannot be less than 50% of the prize amount. The bonus funds are deducted upon the first withdrawal request.

The contestant can deposit any amount to the Micro account prize funds are deposited to.

The prize funds remain on the winner’s account for 1 calendar month.



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